Past Recovery believes in promoting a public awareness and appreciation for our shared cultural heritage. Based in Perth, Ontario, Past Recovery has actively supported many local heritage initiatives, especially the ArchaeoApprentice program at Murphys Point Provincial Park.

Friends of Murphys Point Park

The interactive ArchaeoApprentice program was developed by Past Recovery in partnership with the Friends of Murphys Point Park. This program is held at the McParlan House and Burgess Mill archaeological sites,  which date to around 1820 and are located within the park.

Developed for Grade 5 students, this day-long field-school provides archaeological training and field experiences for local students and the public. Since the Archaeo Apprentice program began in 2004, over 750 students have participated and benefited from learning hands-on history. Participants not only receive a full day of archaeological excavation and artifact processing, they also have access to a Travelling Museum for one week at their school.

In 2010 Past Recovery and the Friends of Murphys Point Park won the Peggi Armstrong Public Archaeology Award in recognition of the ArchaeoApprentice program.